Restaurant Near Borobudur

Family Restaurant Around Borobudur While Watching the Sunrise


Culinary Near Borobudur

Finding the nearest culinary place to Borobudur temple is certainly not difficult, because currently there are many restaurants around the largest temple in the world. But did you know that there is one place to present the beauty of the Borobudur temple in the morning.

Kedai Bukit Rhema

Restaurant Near Borobudur
Kedai Bukit Rhema

The name is Kedai Bukit Rhema. The address at Karangrejo, Kurahan, Kembanglimus, sub-district of Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java. Visiting culinary tourism is also not difficult because of the location behind the Rhema hill building or well known as the Chicken Church. Meanwhile, the distance is only about 15 minutes away from Borobudur temple.

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As its well known, Bukit Rhema or Chicken Church is a place of worship located not far from Borobudur. This is one of the tourist destinations that are interesting to visit. The building, which Daniel Alamsyah initiated in the 1990s, is less like a chicken but more like a dove.

What you need to know here, Kedai Bukit Rhema is one of the most popular cafes in the Magelang area. The culinary tastes themselves are interesting to taste, and the scenery around the family restaurant area is undoubtedly a shame to pass up. The shop itself is open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Beauty of Kedai Bukit Rhema

Restaurant Near Borobudur
Beauty of Kedai Bukit Rhema

Anyone who visits this place will surely immediately fall in love with the concept and view presented by the cafe.

  • In terms of concept, this cafe is more likely to use an outdoor dining area, which allows visitors to see 360-degree views freely. The various angles of the presented scenery can present their photo spots. Those who like selfies or wefie photos should start looking for exciting photo spots as souvenirs when visiting the cafe.
  • The view that is meant here referred include the Menoreh Hills in the south, Mount Merapi and Merbabu in the east, then Mount Sumbing in the north, and the expanse of the city of Magelang in the southeast. So, don’t worry if you want to enjoy the beauty intended for the location but don’t have much time to explore the place. It is enough to go to Kedai Bukit Rhema, and then you will get the various natural views you want. One of them is to enjoy the beauty of the thin fog that covers Menoreh Hills. You can see it clearly from the cafe. This will be one of the rare morning views.
  • Anyone indeed loves its food, accompanied by beautiful natural scenery. This is what you will find and get at the cafe. The scenery surrounding the cafe’s expanse makes visitors free to enjoy the served picture. Accompanied by interesting culinary delights, it certainly makes the dining atmosphere more comfortable. Especially if you manage to enjoy it with your couple, this will present its romantic moment.
  • As for the romantic shop, this is another nickname for the Kedai Bukit Rhema. The concept and natural scenery presented by the cafe, which is open from morning to evening, can attract the attention of couples to visit the restaurant.
  • The romance itself can not only be felt by couples, but this pleasant togetherness can also be enjoyed with family, friends, or even colleagues. Enjoying the culinary offerings, happy conversation, and discussing business while accompanied by beautiful natural scenery is very interesting.
  • Because of its location near Borobudur Temple, f course, you will quickly see the beauty of the temple. But, did you know there are exciting activities you can enjoy in this place. You can be enjoying the beautiful sunrise or sunset with the background of the famous Borobudur temple. Surely this will be a unique memory that will not be forgotten. Moreover, you manage to enjoy the moment with your couple, and it will undoubtedly be a romantic memory that is rarely appreciated by just anyone.
  • The cafe is open from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. But for those of you who want to enjoy the beautiful sunrise view, you should visit this place before 5 a.m. This place is open from 5 a.m., especially for visitors who wish to enjoy the sunrise.

Culinary served

Restaurant Near Borobudur
Nasi Goreng Special at Kedai Bukit Rhema

As the restaurant’s name, there are much delicious food that you will find in this place. But from some culinary available, some are reliable and certainly liked by visitors. The menu is what is meant to brew coffee and banana fritter. The other menus offered by delicious restaurants include:

  • Magelang Coffee

Provides a variety of coffee, which is processed directly from coffee beans in the plantations around the Borobudur temple. There is no doubt about the quality of the coffee, and it has been around since 2017.

There are several types of coffee offered this time. Each coffee will provide an entirely different taste, such as Coffee Latte, Palm Sugar Coffee-Normal, Milk Coffee-Normal, or Robusta Magelang Ori-Normal. Who wants to taste cold coffee, just try Ice Cube Coffee, Irish Coffee, or Hazelnut Coffee.

Especially when you taste the Magelang Ori-Normal Robusta, the aroma of the coffee that is served feels attached, with a combination of sour taste when you taste it, and it leaves a distinct impression.

  • Other drinks

Meanwhile, if you don’t like original coffee, don’t worry because several other types of drinks can be ordered, such as various collections of green tea, different chocolate drinks, and mixed other drinks.

  • Various snacks

In addition to providing coffee drinks, there are also various kinds of snacks, one of which is fried bananas. The fried bananas offered to look the same, but clearly, the fried bananas provided at this place taste delicious and are crunchy. This will be one of the right snacks to accompany a warm cup of coffee in the cold cafe weather. Even though it doesn’t use air conditioning, the cafe area is in the hill area, which is affected by the coolness. The other snack menus offered are tempe mendoan, tofu, and jumbo sausage.

  • Free snacks

Something is interesting when you visit Kedai Bukit Rhema, where every visitor who comes will get Crispy Cheese Cassava for free consumption.

  • Heavy meal

Don’t worry if you feel hungry and want to eat heavily. Because in this place, there are several heavy foods that you can taste, such as fried rice, Bakmi Jowo, and various other menus.

So for those of you who want to visit Jogja and Magelang, there is nothing wrong if you include Kedai Bukit Rhema as one of the lists of culinary destinations to see. A comfortable atmosphere and friendly service, mouth-watering local culinary delights make this restaurant worthy of a visit.

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