Riding VW Around Borobudur

Around Borobudur Riding VW Suitable For Family Vacations


Visiting tourist attractions while on vacation is indeed one way to refresh your mind after struggling with busy work or school for a long time. Of the many choices of destinations, Borobudur is indeed a place that should not be missed.

This place is very famous for its beauty and has even reached the world community. Moreover, after PPKM during the pandemic has stopped, then you can immediately make plans to visit Magelang. But remember, when deciding on a vacation to this tourist destination, you must comply with the health protocol by keeping your distance or wearing a mask.

Other Tourist Destination Near Borobudur Temple

Riding VW Around Borobudur Temple
Riding VW Around Borobudur – Amazing Borobudur

If you are enjoying the beauty of Borobudur, then you don’t have to rush back to the in first. Because there are many tourist attractions near Borobudur that you must visit. One of them you can go to some attractions by VW car. The colorful VW will accompany your trip to visit some places near Borobudur Temple. They have some packages that can you choose from short till long trip.

This row of places can be a tourist spot during enjoy a VW trip. What should be included in the list? Just take a look at the following explanation.

  1. SvargaBumi

    Riding VW Around Borobudur
    SvargaBumi – Tribun Travel

SvargaBumi still sounds entirely foreign to most people. But for local people, even this tourist spot is not strange. It is located not far from Borobudur, in the Borobudur District, Ngaran village.

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Here, it provides a variety of photo spots suitable for visitors who like to take a picture. The entrance ticket is around 30 thousand for adults and 15 thousand for children.

The best time for visit Svargabumi is around 9-12 pm before the noon comes and make the wheater so hot or you can come after 2 pm.

  1. Borobudur Language Village

    Riding VW Around Borobudur Temple
    Borobudur Languange Village – Solopos

It’s not complete when you visit Borobudur, but don’t stop by this Borobudur language village. Location in Ngargogondo Village, Borobudur District. Here, you can feel the atmosphere like in the countryside. It can even do fish therapy, trampoline, to archery. The entrance ticket is also quite affordable, only around 20 thousand.

  1. Bukit Rhema

    Riding VW Around Borobudur
    Bukit Rhema – Trip Advisor

Bukit Rhema is a unique chicken shape located in Gombong village, precisely in Kembanglimus village. The form of the building is like a dove, but people call it a Gereja Ayam. There are few things that you can enjoy there. Besides the history of the dove building and the beatiful scenery of the crown part you can also enjoy the crown part with five mountains surrounding it, On the tail part, you will find the restaurant named Kedai Bukit Rhema which has some dishes and beverages that you can have while enjoy the green view of menoreh hill.

  1. Puthuk Setumbu

    Riding VW Around Borobudur
    Punthuk Setumbu – Tribun Travel

If you want to see the beauty of the Borobudur area from above? Make sure to visit Puthuk Setumpu Nirvana Sunrise. Nirvana means heaven, so it looks like a sunrise in heaven. The location is in Karangrejo village, Borobudur District. Here, visitors can see the beauty of a magnificent natural panorama. You can even take pictures with the background of the Menoreh mountains and enjoy the beauty of the sunrise.

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In addition to the list of places above. Tourist attractions near Borobudur will indeed be an unforgettable experience. Immediately enter it into the list of holidays this year.

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