3 Levels of Borobudur Temple

3 Levels of Borobudur Temple that Many People Don’t Know

3 Levels of Borobudur Temple
Borobudur Temple – Facts of Indonesia

Borobudur Temple is one of the largest Buddhist temples in the world. This tourist spot is located in Borobudur district, Magelang, Central Java. These tourist attractions have also become many choices for tourists when visiting Yogyakarta and have become a favourite tourist spot for local and foreign tourists. But did you know that this tourist spot has three levels of Borobudur Temple, which many people still don’t know about?. Let’s look at the information.

  1. Kamadhatu

    3 Levels of Borobudur Temple
    Kamadhatu – CNN

According to the history of Borobudur, Kamadhatu consists of 160 reliefs and explains the Karmawibhangga Sutra on the law of cause and effect. The reliefs also depict human nature and passions, such as killing, torture, robbing, raping, and slandering.

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And then, there are things you should know too, which for the part of the hood at the bottom, now has been permanently opened and allows tourists who visit there to see the reliefs of the Borobudur Temple. Not only that, for the comprehensive photo collection section, there are 160 photos of replacements, and later visitors will be able to see them at the Borobudur Temple Museum, which is located in the Borobudur Archaeological Park.

  1. Rupadhatu

    3 Levels of Borobudur Temple
    Rupadhatu – Pos Bagus

Rupadhatu consists of a gallery of carvings of Buddha statues and stone reliefs. So, there are about 328 Buddha statues and relief decorations on the carvings. In addition, according to Sanskrit manuscripts, in this section, there are about 1300 reliefs such as Awadana, Gandhawyuha, and Lalitawistara. This section will stretch for about 2.5 km with 1212 panels when viewed as a whole.

  1. Arupadhatu

3 Levels of Borobudur Temple
Arupadhatu – CNN Indonesia

In the last section, there is Arupadhatu, the highest realm and the house of God. Did you know, this section has three porches and has a shape like a circle and leads to the dome, at the stupa, and this also describes the resurrection of the world.

There is also no decoration or ornament in this section, which means this place represents the highest purity. So, the porch in this section also consists of a stupa shaped like a hollow circle. There is also an inverted bell and a Buddha statue that faces the outside of the temple.

If totalled in this zone, there will be around 72 stupas. The most significant part of the stupa is in the middle. This stupa is not the same as the original version, 42 m high from the ground and 9.9 m in diameter.

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Likewise, with the stupa that surrounds it, the central stupa has no contents or is empty, and this also causes debate. Some people claim that the stupa has contents, but some people also argue that the stupa is empty.

So that, there is a little information that you can see about the various levels of the Borobudur Temple that maybe many people don’t know about. Hopefully, the information above can be helpful and add your insight into the tourist attractions of Borobudur Temple.

Besides, today Borobudur is not only about the temple. It comes as the one of the most favorite destination for every tourist who comes from many places in Indonesia.

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