Where Else to Go After Visiting Borobudur? Let’s Check This List!

Hi, travelers! Do you have any plan to go to Indonesia and visiting Borobudur? If your answer is ‘yes’, that’s great. Because you will vi…

Hi, travelers! Do you have any plan to go to Indonesia and visiting Borobudur? If your answer is ‘yes’, that’s great. Because you will visit the biggest temple with greatest history in Indonesia. This fascinating site lets you travel back in time, make you enjoy a unique combination of spirituality, history, culture and natural beauty. Set in beautiful greenery and surrounded by mountains, a visit to Borobudur is a truly unforgettable experience. Most visitors spend at least a few days in the area, as there is so much here to discover. But first, here is some great things to see and do in the area.

See The Wooden Ship That Sails Across Hindian Ocean in Samudraraksa Museum

Kapal samudra raksa

After visiting Borobudur enough to satisfied your desire for adventure, don’t forget to visit Samudraraksa Museum. This museum located inside the Borobudur Park. Just walk to the north for a couple of minutes and you will get there. Inside the museum, you can see the Samudraraksa Ship that made with traditional way. The ships itself has 18.29 meters long with height of 2.25 meters.

This museum has three main buildings. The first one is for information, photo exhibitions, relief, and film screenings. The second one with traditional javanese house-shaped building is the place where the Ships is on display. Moreover, you can see the items used by the ship crew when sailing. The third building is the office and place where you can buy the souvenirs.

Don’t worry, for visiting this museum, you will not be charged for entrance fee because this place located inside the Borobudur Park.

Take Some Unique Picture in Camera House Borobudur

Can you imagine there is a building with shape like a camera. Just go to Majaksingi Street, ten minutes from Borobudur to the south to see this unique building. The Camera House is place for exhibit the artworks made by Tanggol Angien Jatikusumo, an Indonesian painter. The Camera House has three floors inside the building. You can explore all of the floors with stairs that decorated with Mr. Tanggol’s artworks. On the upstairs – on the part of the camera’s lens – the greenish mountain view could be seen.

Beside those, the other unique experience is you can take some pictures with 3D paintings for the background. It’s selfie paradise for you. To enjoy those experiences, you just pay fifteen thousands rupiahs for entrance fee.

A Visit to Padepokan Apel Watoe Art Studio

Padepokan Apel Watoe is an art studio owned by Dedy PAW, an artist as well as art curator. In this gallery, you will get an unique experience like living in a world full of apples. Most of the artworks are apple-themed. The building itself is shaped like an big apple with hole in the middle for the entrance.

Beside the art studio and gallery, there are café and aerobic studio for yoga and pilates. Padepokan Apel Watoe located in Badrawati Street, around four minutes from Borobudur Temple to the south. If you go to the Camera House after visiting the Temple, you can see this Art Studio on the left side of the road. Padepokan Apel Watoe opens at 09.00 am to 09.00 pm. Take your opportunity to visit this place if you travelling around Borobudur.

Go to Bukit Rhema and See the Chicken Church

Bukit Rhema is a prayer house in the Magelang, exactly in Borobudur area. The structure is constructed in the shape of dove, but instead reminds many local people of a hen, so they called it the chicken church. Bukit Rhema has seven floors. Each floor have different story telling, which telling the Spiritual of Man’s Journey, the Meaning of Prayer, God’s Goodness, Miracles, and Multiculturalism of indonesia.

Bukit Rhema is not a church, but a house of prayer for all religions. Bukit Rhema located on the top of the hill. Although it just 2.5 kilometers from Borobudur, you need extra effort because you must walk about 150 meters on uphill path to get to this building. Don’t worry, if you don’t want to waste the time and energy, you can ride the jeep that provided by the management of Bukit Rhema. The entrance fee is twenty thousands rupiahs for domestic tourist and thirty thousands rupiahs for foreigner. If you want the jeep riding, you need pay additional fee as much as seven thousands rupiahs for one way trip.

Bukit Rhema provides some quite private prayer rooms for anyone who wants to pray, natural tourism with greenish mountain view, educational tour, and café named Kedai Bukit Rhema on the back of the building.

Watching Some Contemporary Arts on OHD Museum

OHD Museum is a private museum of modern and contemporary Indonesian art, founded and owned also curated by the well-known art curator, Dr. Oei Hong Djien (OHD). There are currently about more than two hundreds artworks, ranging from paintings, sculptures, instalations, and other form of media art exhibited in this museum.

OHD museum located on Magelang city, exactly on the Jenggolo street. It’s about 14 kilometers from Borobudur. So you need to get there by vehicles like motorcycle or car. The entrance fee is twenty five thousands rupiahs for domestic and fifty thousands rupiahs for foreigner, half of price if you are a student and you can show your student card.

So, now you know what you want to do after exploring Borobudur Temple. Visit those place and found new experience that you can’t get in another places. If you know other unique places and want to spread it to the world, let us know first~

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