Bukit Rhema or often known as the Chicken Church is a religious tourist spot that you should not miss when visiting Magelang. Bukit Rhema…

Bukit Rhema or often known as the Chicken Church is a religious tourist spot that you should not miss when visiting Magelang. Bukit Rhema is one of the shooting locations of the film Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2 (AADC2), for you who have seen the AADC2 movie are already familiar with this place. On Rhema Hill became the most romantic location between Rangga & Cinta while waiting for sunrise.

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Rhema Hill was built starting in 1992, which is currently in the completion stage of construction. Rhema Hill is a unique tourist spot in Magelang because of its Merpati-shaped architecture. Many people thought this building was in the form of a chicken so-called it the Chicken Church. The uniqueness of the Rhema Hill building attracts traveller to hunt for the best selfie spots.

1. Hunting Sunrise on Bukit Rhema

Rhema Hill became one of the favourite sunrise hunting locations in Indonesia because the awesome scenery surrounded by several mountains makes the sunrise on Bukit Rhema (Chicken Church) very beautiful. No wonder locals and foreign tourists love to see the sunrise in this place. Moreover, sunrise hunting here is only limited, both in place and time. You can also pose like Rangga and Cinta in the film Ada Apa Dengan Cinta (AADC) 2 here.

2. Instagrammable Selfie Photo Hunting

Quite a lot of instagrammable photo locations can be found in this Bukit Bukit Rhema Church area. Some locations that are often chosen by visitors are in the beak and crown areas, on the outside of buildings, or can also get beautiful photos by posing on the stairs to the top of the building. Now that it has opened Kedai Rakyat in Bukit Rhema, this location has become a new favourite for travellers to take selfies or take pictures with beautiful scenery.

3. Private Pray in the Rhema Hill Prayer Room

The beginning of the Rhema Hill was built indeed for the House of Prayer for All Nations, therefore we can find private prayer rooms on the Hill of Rhema (Chicken Church). Location The prayer room is located in the basement, for those of you who want to pray can use this room. In addition, in the basement of the Chicken Church, there is also a mosque. The Bukit Rhema basement room has a beautifully classic feel with simple lighting but has a high artistic style making this place also used by travellers for self-photos that are Instagram-able.

4. Eat Cassava Village in Bukit Rhema

If we visit Bukit Rhema, you will get 1 portion of Cassava Village (Latela Gombong Cassava), Cassava is very delicious, different from the usual cassava flavours that we often eat. Cassava with cheese flavoured with chilli sauce makes this cassava taste special and you must try it. Moreover, you can eat this cassava with beautiful mountain scenery, if less you can buy more cassava in this village at the People’s Chicken Church Store.

5. Education about the Dangers of Drugs & Cigarettes

Bukit Rhema has a place for rehabilitation called Bethesda Rehabilitation. No wonder if on one of the Rhema Hill floors we find a floor full of paintings about the dangers of drugs and the dangers of smoking. Hopefully, a traveller who has visited this place not only makes this painting a selfie photo background but the most important thing is to be aware of the dangers of Drugs and Cigarettes.

Important Tips when Visiting the Chicken Church

There are important things that must be considered when visiting this place. At present, the Chicken Church has indeed functioned as a religious tourist spot. Even so, the visitors must maintain politeness while in the building. Especially, because at the beginning of its construction, the Chicken Church was planned as a house of prayer for Christians.

Not only that, but you must also avoid vandalism. This building has been neglected since 2000. It was considered a haunted building and there were several graffiti made by the visitors. It is unfortunate if this continues.

The price of admission to Bukit Rhema Chicken Church

To be able to enter the Chicken Church you must pay an Entry Ticket of Rp. 15,000 for local tourists and Rp. 30,000 for foreign tourists. The price of admission includes a free 1 portion of Cassava Cheese (Latela Gombong Cassava).

Bukit Rhema (Chicken Church) Location

Bukit Rhema is located in Gombong Hamlet, Kembanglimus Village in Borobudur District, Magelang Regency. This hill is located west of the Borobudur Temple, 2.5 km apart. The location of this hill is also close to Punthuk Setumbu which is also a beautiful sunrise hunting spot in Magelang. To go to Rhema Hill, available parking area in Punthuk Setumbu. Furthermore, you can continue the journey by walking to the Chicken Church which is about 200 meters.

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