Entrance Ticket & Attraction For Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple is one of the magnificent and largest Buddhist Temples in the world. Located in Magelang, Central Java. Borobodur is sit…

Borobudur Temple is one of the magnificent and largest Buddhist Temples in the world. Located in

Listed as the ,UNESCO World Heritage,, Borobudur always packed with people. Locals coming from outside the region at least visit the temple once in a year. During the school holiday especially. The temple will full of locals coming with their kids. Or a family reunion with elder people.

It is almost impossible to see the temple have low incoming people. As the largest Buddhist site in the world. Worshippers and pilgrims from all over were also frequent visitors. To summarize here are the tips and guides to visit Borobudur Temple. See:

Borobudur Temple Attraction

As the largest Buddhist temple and preserve world heritage. Borobudur host various kind of

It’s not only a big day for Buddhists. Because on Vesak day, it then will be followed by a culture parade. It has become a celebration and the main tourist attraction. ,Borobudur Temple, itself is divided into 3 zones.

Each zone tells a different story and meaning in their reliefs. Every relief in the temple telling a story of humans and its nature. To learn more about the temple. Make sure to visit the museum and watch the ,documentation of the temple,. From the discovery of the temple to its preservation effort.

Zone 1 – Kamadhatu

The entire 160 reliefs in the first zone portray the law of cause and effect. Based on Buddhist text Karmawibhangga Sutra. The human bad behavior like their desire to kill. Robbery, raping, and torture all done by the human.

The relief in this zone itself once was covered and hidden. The argument of why the relief was buried and covered still never ends until now.

Zone 2 – Rapudhatu

Stepping into Rapudhatu. There is more than 300 Buddha statue in this zone. The reliefs all carved with an ancient Sanskrit manuscript.

Zone 3 – Arupadhatu

The stupa and terrace of the highest area in the temple representing the final stage. The disappearance of desire and purity form.

Museum Karmawibhangga Or Borobudur Museum

Borobudur museum is located inside the temple area. The museum exhibits photographs and documentation of the hidden relief. Found around the area of the temple. The museum has a cinema that plays the documentation of Borobudur’s journey. The history of the temple. The story behind Borobudur temple and its restoration.

Samudraraksa Museum

Exhibit photos and history of Indonesia’s ancient maritime. The Samudraraksa Museum located inside the Borobudur area. The Museum display documentation of the Indonesian trade route.

And the story of its successful expedition in Ghana Africa. The museum was built as a tribute to the crews. And everyone involved in the Borobudur Ship Expedition.

Borobudur Stupa in the highest zone. Img:

Borobudur Temple Entrance Ticket – Special Pass

Borobudur Sunrise –  Sunrise from the temple when the weather clear is a fascinating experience. To get a sunrise experience and an early pass to Borobudur comes at an additional cost.

visitors expect to pay extra fee for an early pass. The early pass ticket only valid from 04:30 am – 06.00 am. Borobudur Temple Entrance Ticket for sunrise can only be purchase at Manohara Resort. There is no limitation for the number of Borobudur Sunrise Guest.

Borobudur Sunset – There is also another option for visitors who want a less crowds experience in the temple. Exploring the temple after public operational hours end can be an option. Both sunrise and sunset tour to explore Borobudur exclusively operated by Manohara Resort. Sunset experience in Borobudur temple begins after 05:00 pm until 06:30 pm.

Borobudur entrance ticket for sunrise/sunset comes with a breakfast/dinner, coffee & tea, and souvenir. Special rate for Manohara guests currently not available. And <6 years old children are free of charge.


Borobudur Temple Entrance Fee

Entrance ticket for the foreigner or non-Indonesian resident is available from 1-7 day pass. A 1-day pass to visit Borobudur Temple costs $25. While the multiple-day is a ticket to visit Borobudur combine with other temples.


Visitors can explore the Prambanan temple and other temples in different locations spread in Central Java. By purchasing the entrance ticket in Borobudur Temple.

Entrance ticket payment can be made by cash or credit card in Indonesia Currency IDR based on visit day exchange rate.  The official Borobudur Entrance Ticket can be purchased in Borobudur Temple Ticket Booth located in the Temple complex . Another option is to purchase on Borobudur Temple official website .

Borobudur – Opening Hours

There are different types of pass for temple visitors. The public pass can only access Borobudur temple in public opening hours. However, the visitor can always purchase another pass to experience either sunrise or sunset.


How To Get To Borobudur Temple

There are plenty of options to get to the Temple. Since the entire temple is located in Central Java. The convenient and popular access known to most tourists is from Yogyakarta city. Besides the distance is less far compared to another city in central Java. A reliable and direct public transportation from Adi Sutjipto International Airport, Yogyakarta, has been established.

Borobudur Address & Location

Taman Wisata Candi Borobudur – Jl. Badrawati No.9 Borobudur Magelang – Central Java 56553. Indonesia – Phone : + 62 24 8646 2345

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