Borobudur Writers & Cultural Festival at Chicken Church Bukit Rhema

BWCF 2019 also wants to take up the theme and at the same time discuss that such ideas are not only known in ancient Javanese Hindu-Buddh…

BWCF 2019 also wants to take up the theme and at the same time discuss that such ideas are not only known in ancient Javanese Hindu-Buddhist thought. However, it came to the thought of Muslim Sufism which later developed in the archipelago.

In addition to the theme of Pantheism, the BWCF 2019 activity, in particular, will also explore in-depth what is called Tantrayana thought. For this reason, various experts from BWCF 2019 are scheduled to attend various experts to explore Pantheism and Tantrayana in the archipelago.

The Borobudur Writers and Cultural Festival (BWCF) will be held again on November 21-23, 2019 at the Tentrem Hotel in Yogyakarta, the Temple area as well as the Manohara Borobudur Hotel and Bukit Rhema Prayer House or known as the Chicken Church, Magelang.

The figure of Zoetmulder who was increasingly attached to Indonesia, especially Java, became a role model, amidst the hustle and bustle of the Dutch colonial era at that time. He wrote many literary works related to ancient Javanese life through religious literary approaches. When the Dutch Company was busy attacking and stealing Indonesia’s natural wealth, he was actually very active in writing Javanese literary works and learning how life in Java was at that time.

This is proven by his dissertation in 1935 with the title Pantheism and Monism in Suluk-Javanese Literature, which later won the cumlaude title.

That is what later became the main feature of the 2019 Borobudur Writers’ Cultural Festival (BWCF), which took place on 21-23 November 2019 in Yogyakarta and Magelang, Central Java. Zoetmulder’s works are considered worthy to be brought to the surface, especially how he is able to combine the ideas of pantheism and Monism, which are still relevant to be studied in the current era.

The opening ceremony of the festival took place at the Yogyakarta Tentrem Hotel, Thursday (11/21/2019) afternoon. All participants from various countries and related stakeholders were also present at the opening moment.

Before the official opening moment took the form of a gong beating, the ceremony was held for the awarding of UI Theology Lecturer, Prof. Dr. Achadiati Ikram, for his contribution in the field of theology and human development for decades.

The event then continued with a discussion session moderated by Dr. Sindung Tjahjadi from the Faculty of Philosophy UGM. He also invited six writers including Dr. Seno Gumira, Drs. Jiwa Atmaja, SU, I Ketut Sandika, S.Pd., M.Pd, Dr. Gregorius Subanar, SJ, Prof. Dr. George Quinn, and Master Lian-Fe., To review a little about their writing.

On the second and third days, the 2019 BWCF program focused on Zoetmulder’s works, both in terms of Pantheism and Monism itself, and not in any manuscripts about the stories of women from various ages.

Well for performing arts, Bukit Rhema Prayer House was held on Friday, November 22, 2019. Many world-class artists performed such as, zither performing arts: Ayako Takonai (Japan), musical poem “Manuscript Jawokan Dermayu”: Kedung Darma Romansha, there also the appearance of collaborative work “Harihara” by Otto Sidharta and friends, there is also the reading of poems by Nirwan Dewanto and Godi Suwarna, there is also the appearance of the Bhomakawya monologue “Babad Bhoma” by Jamaluddin Latif, and most recently the appearance of the Candidate for Charcoal “Namaku” monument. Dirah “by Cok Sawitri.

All of them performed amazingly, and the audience really enjoyed the series of events from beginning to end at the Bukit Rhema Prayer House, Magelang Chicken Church.

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