Best Local Food Near Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple sure got the spotlight to be must list touristic destination to visit. This temple offer historical buddish history, anc…

Borobudur Temple sure got the spotlight to be must list touristic destination to visit. This temple offer historical buddish history, ancient magical architecture, and the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset. You need to be experienced more than that. This place offer authentic local food you must try. Indonesian food itself known rich of flavor and seasoning. Here I will show you several Local Food you must try during your trip to Borobudur Temple,

1. Mangut Iwak Beong

Mangut Iwak Beong are quiete popular among locals. This dish made from Beong fish which quite resemble catfish and only found at Progo River. You can taste the sweet and sour, even spicy flavor in every bite. They use gallagal, lemongrass, ginger, chili, salt and suragr, also some seasoning to make the sauce. This food was hunted down by spicy enthusiast. For you who want to taste the savory of Mangut Iwak Beong, you can find around Borobudur Temple, there are tons of it.

“Indonesian food itself known rich of flavor and seasoning

2. Sup Senerek Magelang

Sup Senerek is one of savory dish you must try if you in Borobudur. Sup Senerek is a red bean soup which misteriously tempted. This soup exist since colonialism settle in Indonesia. This dish made from red bead and beef that fll with some vegetable such as carrot, spinach and leek that come with the broth itself. It tasty and super healthy with vegetable on it. For you that on diet from junk food, you must try this local dish.

3. Nasi Lesah

“food has culture. It has history. It has story. It has relationships

Nasi Lesah are super rare dish now, even among locals. The presentation a bit like soto but still there are few different thing in this dish. This food come with sohun noodle, sprout, celery, chicken meat and coconut milk and other seasoning. Locals usually eat Nasi Lesah with mendoan (fried tempeh), and eggs on it. You can taste and smell the savouriness from coconut milk. You can find this dish on Warung Nasi Pak Badut spesifically in Singosari Road 16, Rejowinangun.

4. Fried Cassava

Around Borobudur Temple you will find a lot of tuber plant. Locals make use of it as fried cassava. They usually eat it with sambal, so becarefull you will taste the savoriness of spicy heaven in every bite of it. I am going to mention Chicken Church as the place u should enjoy the fried cassaca. You will find this dish along with the menoreh hill view that will stun both your tounge and eyes at the same time. The savory of fried cassava and the view, what a day right?

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