5 Historical Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about Chicken Church

Hey Travel Junkies! Have you already plan your holiday in Yogyakarta? Beside Borobudur and Prambanan Temple, there is a unique place whic…

Hey Travel Junkies! Have you already plan your holiday in Yogyakarta? Beside Borobudur and Prambanan Temple, there is a unique place which can be your addition or alternative while you still have spare time. This place is located near Borobudur and start becoming popular since 2016 because of film. A film called “Ada Apa Dengan Cinta” took place here and it became viral everywhere in Indonesia. Every people called this place a ‘chicken church’. Have you ever heard about chicken church before?

“Beside Borobudur and Prambanan Temple, there is a unique place which can be your addition or alternative while you still have spare time. Many people called this place Chicken Church”

You know what? A trip around Yogyakarta is not complete without visiting the architectural marvel. Here are a few facts about the newly popular chicken church!

Started from Spiritual Journey of Christian Man

Starting from 1988, a man named Daniel Alamsjah, who is an employee of a private company in Jakarta(capital city of Indonesia), has a really strange dream. He was asked to build a house of prayer in unknown hills he had never visited. The dream did not only last once, but several times it haunted him.

Until finally in 1988 Daniel Alamsjah went to Borobudur for trip purpose. One time, Daniel Alamsjah ran into a local people named Jito who is also disabled. He cannot speak. Daniel try to communicate with Jito who apparently wanted to take wood on a hill in the Gombong Hamlet, Kembanglimus Village, Borobudur District. Daniel then followed Jito and arrived at the hill which evidently to be the same as the hill in his dream.

Finally Daniel decided to pray all night long at the unknown hill until he got a kind of illumination to build a house of prayer which we know as a chicken church right now.

Actually it’s A Dove Shaped

In 1992, chicken church was built. Then in 1996 the development process face its obstacle due to the monetary crisis. In that era, they made this building spontaneously without blueprint. Based on Daniel statement, actually it is dove shaped, not chicken. Dove symbolize unity in diversity. Local people assumed this building looks like chicken because of it’s crown. This prayer house building was used not only as a place of worship. Its function such as rehabilitation homes for physically challenged children, drug addicts, difable, and young people who have problems.

There is Coffee Shop at The Tail of This Dove

Before becoming so popular, there is no maintenance and management at this place. In the other words, its neglected. The resurrection of this place to be great again started in 2016. Daniel Alamsjah with his son begin to control and manage this place as a tourist destination since a lot of people come and see chicken church because of film. Eventually, to make tourist feel more comfortable and satisfy, they build a coffee shop at the tail of this bulding.

Now, at the tail. You can have a great chitchat with your friend and family with the combination nature landscape! You can see Menoreh hills which is surrounding Magelang regency. Even, you can see Mount Sumbing, Merapi and Merbabu at the panoramic area of this coffeeshop.

Have Prayer Room of Each Religion in Indonesia

Daniel Alamsjah vision is not to build church, but a house of prayer for all religion and nation. With this vision, he wants to promote unity in diversity that happen in our society. At Chicken Church, there is a room/space for each religion. You can pray at the chapel and saint mary’s cave if you are catholic and christian, you can meditate in a room of Buddha with breathtaking landscape, you can pray in a musholla. Even, there is a soundproof room to pray really quietly.

There is a lot of private room in the first floor that you can choose for your contemplatting time. After that, you can write a whole of your wish on a paper that the paper will be put at wall of hope.

Every Floor Has It’s Own Story

There are seven floors at Chicken Church . Each of those floors have its own story. On the first floor, tour guide will introduce you about Chicken Church which is evidently the real name of this place is Rhema hill.The meaning is “the living word of wisdom”. After introduction, tour guide will tell you about the function of first floor thay actually is a space for private pray room and wall of hope. And then second floor is a hall for public. There is a gallery at the hall which reveal the built process of Rhema hill until it finished. Third floor story is about narcotics and contribution of chicken church management to take care people who have a problem with drugs. They are concern with this problem. Fourth flour is about the beauty of Indonesian culture, there are a lot of wall painting about Indonesian tribe. Fifth floor is about the tourism of Indonesia. You can see a lot of top destination picture on this floor. Sixth and seventh floor is peak of the building. You can enjoy the panorama of Borobudur temple and regency from the crown of this dove.

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