So, are you planning to traveling to Borobudur? For your information, traveling isn’t complete before you try the local cuisine and Borobudur has it. This cuisine is perfect for you, spicy lover who wants to burn your mouth with the deliciousness. Let us introduce to you, this is Mangut Beong.

For travelers, maybe Beong sounds unfamiliar. Beong is endemic spesies that lives in Progo River that coincidentaly stream near Borobudur Temple. This freshwater fish species has latin name Mystus nemurus. The body structure of Beong similar to catfish with their unique ‘moustache’ but the tail similar to milkfish. Although Progo River is their habitat, lately, obtain Beong are difficult because their population is decreasing. The special things in Beong is their jumbo-sized head. The head only can be ten centimeters long. Their meat also soft and doesn’t has strong fishy smell like catfish.

“Beong usually cooked with local seasoning mixture named mangut.”

How To Cook Mangut Beong

First of all, after clean up and cut the Beong into several portion, Beong is deepfried with hot oil until the skin become crispy. While waiting the Beong being fried, the seasoning of mangut is prepared. This mixture is consist of onion, garlic, turmeric, coriander, galangal, and of course chilli. For ten portion, usually they use a half kilogram of chilli. These mixture is boiled with water and coconut milk. After that, let the deepfried Beong dive into those boiled mixture for a couple of minutes. This cooking method make the meat of deepfried Beong become more tender.

Where You Can Eat Mangut Beong

One of restaurants around Borobudur that still served this special cuisine is Warung Sehati Selera Pedas in Kembanglimus Village, about four kilometers from Borobudur Temple to the west. This restaurant is located near famous tourist attraction Bukit Rhema the Chicken Church. So, don’t forget to visit this place too.

Warung Sehati Selera Pedas open from 7.00 AM till 5.00 PM. The price of Mangut Beong is IDR 20.000 – IDR 70.000 per portion depends on the size of Beong that you requested. After knowing this special local cuisine, do you dare to try?


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