Start your day with soup. That’s basic principal for energize yourself before activity, especially traveling and exploring around which consume a lot of energy.

Soup will freshen your mind, make your day more positive. Also, breakfast with soup become habit for Indonesian people. While you are near Borobudur, why not try their culture, breakfast with local soup. Magelang Regency has peculiar soup named Senerek Soup.

“Try local culture as something new is a basic rules when travelling.”

For you that not familiar with Senerek Soup, this soup is consist of red bean, carrot, spinach, leek, and beef with meat stock. The stock itself has strong taste. There is history behind this cuisine. Senerek Soup is from Dutch that colonialized Indonesia in the past. Name ‘senerek’ is from word ‘snert’ that means peas in Dutch language. Because local people can’t spell that word, so they spell it ‘senerek’. The reason why peas being replaced with red bean because local people prefer red bean than peas. And, this kind of bean is more easily cultivated in this area.

Best Cafe Near Borobudur Temple

Bu Atmo’s Senerek Soup

You can find delicious Senerek Soup around Borobudur. But, we recommend to try Bu Atmo Senerek Soup that located in Pangeran Mangkubumi Street, Cacaban, in Magelang City. We know, this place is quite far from Borobudur Temple. It’s about fifteen kilometers to the north. But believe us, sometimes we need to struggle to achieve something, and to taste great Senerek Soup we need to struggle too.

Bu Atmo Senerek Soup open at 7.00 AM to 4.00 PM. The price of one portion of Senerek Soup is IDR 13.000. You can pick some side dish like tempe goreng and conch satay. The price of the side dish is between IDR 2.000 to IDR 4.000. Still affordable, right? Then, when you will try this colonial-legacy cuisine?


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