Sports has become lifestyle for some people. Archery is one of those sports that increasingly popular. Yogyakarta as a region that still preserve it’s traditional culture has unique sport like archery named as ‘jemparingan’. Jemparingan has its own history, philosophy, value, and basic technic.

Jemparingan tradition has existed since the days of Kasultanan Yogyakarta hundreds years ago. Long ago, this tradition was played by royal nobles and their families. Kings of Mataram also made this game as mandatory competition. The warriors practiced jemparingan for sharpened their concentration in shooting arrows. However, over time, this tradition began to be played by ordinary peoples as a part of entertainment and cultural preservation.

“ Different from general archery which is done in standing position, jemparingan is done in a cross-legged sitting position.”

Participants usually sit in two rows facing west. This sitting position doesn’t appear with no reason. It’s said that this position appear because of the fact that royal nobles used to do jemparingan while discussing bussiness with enjoying the coffee or tea. Therefore, sitting position is felt to be the most comfortable to do these activities.

How To Do Jemparingan

Jemparingan require a bow made from bamboo and the target is doll shapped like a human with length around thirty centimeters. The distance between participants and the target is about thirty meters. In addition, jemparingan also require all participants to wear complete traditional javanese cloth. Some people even complete it with a keris (traditional javanese dagger). Because of this, it’s not rare we can fell traditional atmosphere often be found when jemparingan is held.

Jemparingan in Pictures

Jemparingan sport is not just a game but also a sport that is used to train sharpness of sight and eyes concentration.”

Broadly speaking, Jemparingan sport is not just a game but also a sport that is used to train sharpness of sight and eyes concentration. Successness of jemparingan usually depends on the archer’s mood. If the mood is happy, arrows will more easily hit the target. However, if the mood is full of anger or sadness, arrows will be difficult to hit the target. Therefore, it needs patience and deep concentration in doing jemparingan because it is said that archery will be more difficult when doing it in sit cross-legged position.

Place To Play Jemparingan

In Borobudur area, you can play Jemparingan inside Borobudur Park and in Balkondes of Wringinputih Tourism Village. This kind of sport is suitable for you if you like trying some unique activities that you can’t found in other places.


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