We know, traveling Borobudur Temple is exciting yet tiring. Learning the history and philosphy of the greatest temple in Indonesia consuming energy.

Hunting photograph with your partner also exhausting. After exploring for couple hours, you need to replenish your energy. What’s the best thing to restore your energy? Of course eating. And we have one recommended restaurant for you before you go home, it’s Amata Resto.

Amata Resto is part of Amata Hotel and Resort. Come here and you will be welcomed by javanese countryside atmosphere. Trust us, this kind of atmosphere make you feel comfortable and increase your appetite. The building is shaped like a joglo (traditional javanese house) with no wall around. This kind of open air design makes you to enjoy the surrounding gardens without leaving the building. This restaurant also decorated with javanese accent.

What You Can Eat in Amata

Beside the decoration that nicely done, if we look on the food, Amata Resto also serve the dish with nice plating. Although the concept of Amata Resto is traditional javanese, it not just served Indonesian dish, but various menu are offered like Salmon Steak with Mushroom Sauce, Oxtail Fried Rice, and many more.

Don’t forget to order the smoothies, we recommend it.”

Amata Resto is kind of restaurant that you want to brought your partner into. Dinner in this restaurant is recommended. From what we heard, if you stay at the resort for a couple of nights, you can asked the restaurant for provide special dish that isn’t listed on the menu. Then, isn’t this restaurant is more than enough to make your trip in Borobudur more exciting?


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